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Christmas Arrives to Señor Paleta With Four Holiday Flavors

The Puerto Rican artisanal paleta company reveals a quartet of holiday flavors as a tribute to traditional Puerto Rican desserts

The most joyful time of year has arrived and this Christmas, Señor Paleta celebrates with the creation of a quartet of special holiday flavors, available throughout December and January. 

The newest addition to this offering, the Papaya Queso paleta, is inspired by the typical Puerto Rican dessert and is the fourth flavor that will be offered exclusively in all its locations this holiday season. 

“Every year we look to celebrate Christmas in a special way. After the success of last year’s holiday trio which featured the flavors of Almond Nougat, Tembleque and Coconut Rice Pudding, we wanted to add to this perfect combination with another flavor that captures this happy season for us here in Puerto Rico,” said Ramón Ortiz, who founded Señor Paleta in 2014 together with Jennifer Serrano. 

The Papaya Queso paleta, created in collaboration with the company's pastry chef, Andrea Ayala, is made in house with creamy cheese from the countryside (queso del país), and pieces of sweet papaya found in its center. "For us, it is a dessert that reminds us of our childhood, those happy family moments and it is this nostalgic feeling that we wanted to capture in this paleta," says Ayala. 

Back to the favorites

The start of the Christmas season is the most anticipated time of year for Señor Paleta fans who look forward to their seasonal flavors every December and January. To stay true to this tradition, the paleta makers decided it only made sense to bring back these delicious holiday flavors that their fans love so very much. 

“Since we first launched these flavors, they immediately became a hit, so much that people ask us for them throughout the year. For us, this time of  year is an opportunity to pay tribute to our traditions with the desserts that make our Christmas unique,” shares Serrano. 

In the case of the festive dessert, Tembleque, (which literally means ‘to tremble’) you can be sure to see it at every Puerto Rican Christmas party. The creamy coconut, vanilla and cinnamon tastes immediately triggers in our taste buds that Christmas has arrived. In the same way, the taste of Coconut Rice Pudding immediately transports us to our grandmother’s kitchen. And of course, no Christmas is complete without the Almond Nougat treat, a paleta flavor that has become a staple in Señor Paleta’s holiday offerings.

What are you waiting for? Come and try for yourself the Christmas Quartet holiday flavors, which will be available for a limited time only at Señor Paleta’s location at The Florida Mall in Orlando. You can find their kiosk right next to MAC Cosmetics. For more information, follow their social networks: @srpaleta on Instagram, and on Facebook at and

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