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Señor Paleta Calls For Solidarity During Sanse 2020

The Puerto Rican company will raise funds during the San Sebastian Street Festivities to support solidarity efforts with the earthquake-affected areas and to cover medical expenses for cancer patients.

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Señor Paleta announced that as part of the solidarity efforts they usually coordinate during the San Sebastian Street Festivities, this year they will be extending these efforts to support the towns in the southern region of the island that were affected by the earthquakes in early January. This adds to the company’s traditional initiative to contribute funds to the chemotherapy treatment of patients of the Oncology Hospital of Puerto Rico

“This year more than ever, the Señor Paleta family sees SanSe as an opportunity for solidarity of the Puerto Rican people. In addition to the sale of commemorative wristbands to raise funds for cancer patients, part of the proceeds made from the sale of SanSe t-shirts will also go to an organization dedicated to the support of affected communities in the Southwest region that were devastated by the recent earthquakes," said Jennifer Serrano, who founded Señor Paleta in 2014 together with Ramón Ortiz.

Commemorative Sanse T-shirt

Ortiz adds that both initiatives go hand in hand with the values ​​of empathy, solidarity and union, values promoted by the Puerto Rican paleta company. "Every day we work to bring joy to our people through our paletas and products, and both of the mentioned initiatives are aligned with this intention: to offer even in the slightest, a glimpse of hope to patients of the island’s Oncology Hospital and to our people in the south of the island who are enduring difficult times,” he said. 

Five Years of Giving Back to the Oncology Hospital of PR

This year, the Puerto Rican artisanal paleta company celebrates five years of having started this initiative. “The beginning of the year is the perfect time to demonstrate our spirit of solidarity, as we continue with this effort to raise awareness about the needs of oncology patients,” said Serrano.

If you too would like to give back through these initiatives, you can purchase the commemorative wristbands and Paleta SanSe T-shirt throughout the month of January until the close of the Fiestas of San Sebastián at any Señor Paleta location or online at: Both pieces feature an exclusive design inspired by traditional sanjuaneras parties created by local artist, Orlando Soy Yo.  The wristbands are priced at only $3 each, while the shirt is priced at $25.00. 

Each year, Señor Paleta has increased their contribution to the Oncology Hospital initiative and their goal is to exceed the amount collected last year to cover the chemotherapy expenses of a cancer patient through the sale of the aforementioned merchandise. 

Serrano and Ortiz, both health professionals, will take the money raised to the hospital during an activity in which they will also share their holiday flavored paletas with the patients. “I know first hand the hardships that cancer patients are going through as I worked in Oncology. I invite our fans to lend a helping hand to those suffering from the disease by purchasing the bandana, taking a photo and sharing it on social media networks with the hashtag #SrPaletaOnco so that more people are motivated to take part in this effort," said Serrano.

During the San Sebastián Street Festivities, Señor Paleta’s Old San Juan location will be open at its regular hours on Thursday; and Friday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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