Señor Paleta celebrates the Caribbean coffee culture with its new flavor of the month

The Puerto Rican frozen dessert company creates three flavors of coffee paletas in collaboration with Yaucono

San Juan, PR - If there's an experience that identifies us as Puerto Ricans it's definitely the culture of drinking coffee, no matter the time of day. Whether it be at breakfast, in the office, during meetings, with friends or after dinner, enjoying a cup of coffee has become an integral part of our daily routine.

To celebrate this, Señor Paleta, the first chain of artisanal paletas in Puerto Rico, decided to pay tribute to the Caribbean coffee culture during the "Month of Planet Earth." For April only, you can enjoy the special Coffee paleta available in three varieties: Coffee with Milk, Coffee Mocha and Coffee with Caramel, at any of our locations. “Drinking coffee is something that is rooted in our culture as Puerto Ricans. We wanted to honor that love for coffee with this flavor of the month," explains Ramón Ortiz, who founded Señor Paleta in 2014 together with Jennifer Serrano.

To make the occasion even more special, Señor Paleta joined Yaucono coffee makers to create these flavors which they presented during the Coffee and Chocolate Expo of 2019 held at the San Juan Convention Center in March. “It's been a long time coming that we've wanted to collaborate with a local coffee brand and we found the perfect opportunity to join Yaucono," adds Ortiz. Serrano explains that they decided to highlight three varieties of coffee flavors, "because everyone takes their coffee differently, we wanted to present these different taste options."

Señor Paleta specializes in the creation of gelato and sorbet paletas in a wide variety of flavors
made from fresh ingredients such as whole fruits and nuts. They have a total of nine locations, located in: Old San Juan (Calle Tetuán), Ponce (Plaza del Caribe), Bayamón (Plaza del Sol), Santurce (Lot 23), Carolina (Plaza Carolina), Puerta de Tierra (Paseo Caribe ), Condado (Ave. Ashford), Ferries of the Caribbean and Orlando, Florida. For more information, you can follow Mr. Paleta on and on Instagram (@srpaleta).

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