Señor Paleta's flavor of the month celebrates sweet nostalgia

The Puerto Rican artisanal paleta creators present its ‘Flan Paleta’ as September’s Flavor of the Month

ORLANDO, FL. - Every family has that one dessert that is present at all gatherings and visits to Grandma's house. There is a universal comfort found in desserts that automatically transports us to the sweetness, love and warmth you felt when indulging in one of your grandmother’s recipes.

As a tribute to a traditional Latin American dessert, Señor Paleta, the first Puerto Rican chain of artisanal frozen desserts, presents the Flan Paleta as its new Flavor of the Month.

This month’s special flavor makes what one might have thought was impossible, possible, by transforming flan into an ice cream pop (yes, you read that right). “Imagine your most beloved pastry but frozen and put on a stick. Well, this paleta is pretty much exactly that. We take that soft and creamy texture of flan and turn it into a hard shell made from vanilla gelato and infuse the entire center with rich caramel. You can be sure every bite will be filled with caramel goodness,” explains Ramón Ortiz, co-founder of the artisanal dessert company.

The company’s owners created Señor Paleta with the sole intention of bringing JOY to people, and what better way than through one’s sweet tooth? In 2014, the founders identified a niche in global ice cream/ice pop trends, and the rest is paleta history, with the establishment becoming the number one paleta company in Puerto Rico. Señor Paleta combines the traditional paleta experience with Caribbean flavors, fresh fruits, nuts, and only natural ingredients. Better yet, all of their paletas are made by hand.

The taste of home

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in your Grandma’s kitchen, the sweet smell of your favorite dessert lingering in the air. For Andrea Ayala, pastry chef and creator of the paleta of the month, it is inevitable to feel a special emotional connection with this flavor, even as an adult. “Flan is a dessert that transports me to my childhood. It brings back memories of visits to my grandmother who always showed love through food. Some can say this about apple pie, or chocolate chip cookies…no matter where you’re from, we all have a dessert we savored as children that brings us comfort just by smelling it. That’s what flan does for me,” she says.

Come and experience the sweet nostalgia for yourself. The Flan Paleta is now available at all Señor Paleta locations (1 in Orlando at the Florida Mall and 7 in Puerto Rico) and is only available through the month of September so be sure not to miss this special flavor offering!

Just in time to celebrate

September’s flavor of the month also serves as a benchmark for a date of special importance for the brand: its five-year anniversary. “We are always looking to challenge our creativity in order to bring joy and smiles to people of every age and background. This flavor of the month is perfect to start the countdown to our birthday, which we will be celebrating very soon,” said co-owner Jennifer Serrano, who founded the brand with Ortiz in 2014.

About Señor Paleta

Señor Paleta specializes in the creation of dairy and fruit-based paletas in a wide variety of flavors made from fresh ingredients such as whole fruits and nuts. The company has a total of nine locations found in: Old San Juan (Calle Tetuán), Ponce (Plaza del Caribe), Bayamón (Plaza del Sol), Santurce (Lot 23), Carolina (Carolina Square), Puerta de Tierra (Paseo Caribe ), Condado (Ave. Ashford), Ferries of the Caribbean, and Orlando, Florida (The Florida Mall). For more information, you can follow Señor Paleta on and on Instagram (@srpaleta).

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