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We celebrate love with a classic flavor that will melt your heart

Señor Paleta announces Red Velvet as the Flavor of the Month for February

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The month of love has arrived and with it a new flavor at Señor Paleta. Get ready to fall head over heels for this latest paleta creation!
The Red Velvet Cake paleta is inspired by the traditional red chocolate sponge cake whose origin dates back to the 19th century. “What better way to celebrate the month of love by pleasing our fans with a flavor very close to their hearts. We take care in every detail when creating our paletas so that the experience is love at first taste,” explained Ramón Ortiz, who founded the craft paleta company in 2014 together with Jennifer Serrano.

The newest flavor created in collaboration with the company's pastry chef, Andrea Ayala, is made from the traditional Red Velvet Cake recipe, and accentuated with a delicious cream cheese filling, topped with velvety frosting and sprinkles of Red Velvet Cake bits. "The cake is prepared first, then the paleta in order to preserve the cake’s traditional red color, and it's chocolatey essence. The real magic is added with the cream cheese filling," Ayala adds. “The paleta’s red color reminds us of love, more than appropriate to celebrate the month of affection.”

The perfect Valentine’s Day date

Señor Paleta fans can also celebrate the month of love with an attractive offer! "For Valentine's Day, we are inviting our community to the perfect date with our flavor of the month. With every purchase of our Red Velvet Cake paleta, you receive a gift: a beautiful red rose," said Serrano. (Offer valid while supplies last)
The Red Velvet Cake paleta will be available for a limited time at Señor Paleta’s kiosk at The Florida Mall in Orlando.

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